Steve & Linda

Jeff, Steve and I will always be thankful for your helping us so much. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.  We hope that there will be only good things in your future and God will watch over you and your family! Thank you always, Steve & Linda W.

Jim & Marianne

Dear Jeff and Jerry, We just received the check from our insurance company for the work you did on our roof.  I was about to call you and ask if they had paid you directly because the insurance company never told me a thing until I received a check today. They paid all but a […]

Jim & Esther B.

Jeff and Crew, Thanks for a great roofing job! You and your workers were very courteous and professional and we appreciate your workmanship. Hope to see you at the lake sometime! Jim and Esther B.

Doug C.

Jeff, Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you guys done on our roof. Also for the thorough clean-up of the job site! You may have more work coming your way as a couple of neighbors have commented on how good the roof looks. Doug C.

The Phemisters

Dear Jeff and Crew, Thank you for the wonderful job ya’ll done on our NEW ROOF! We admire it daily and the clean up was simply impeccable… your professional work is a tribute to our community! Give our best to your family. P.S. We have yet to find a single nail–your “nail picker-upper” is a […]


Mr. Baine, It has been an excellent business experience regarding the recent roofing project on my property. Your courteous business manner, as well as the efficient, organized coordinated work pace of your crew reflects well on you and your firm. The debris, etc. clean up was excellent. At this point in time, your firm would […]

Dan & Angela

Dear Jeff and Crew, Excellent work on our roof! Neighbors comment that it looks great. You all were so nice and professional. When I went up to see the work it was cool how many of you said something like, “Hey Bud, watch where you walk!” Thanks so much! Dan and Angela


Jeff, Thanks for all you did to meet my insurance job deadline. You and your staff demonstrate exceptional dedication to doing a great job. Joyce

Varsity Center for the Arts

Dear Jeff, On behalf of the entire Development Board of Directors and the Jackson County Stage Company, we wish to thank you for your assistance and generosity in the ongoing renovation and restoration of the Varsity Center for the Arts (VCA).  You provided us with expert roofing repair and associated services during Phases 1 and […]

John & Lora Lee

Dear Jeff, I thought it would be appropriate to drop you a note thanking you for the manner in which you and your crews handled the replacement of our roof. The young gentlemen you sent to our residence in Carbondale were a pleasure to watch.  They were very courteous and hard working. They cleaned up […]